No one likes to throw together a last-minute party!

Are you left to do the store runs for your St Patrick’s Day 2020 resident event? Do you find your time stretched between everyday property management responsibilities? Could you use some party planning shortcuts?

The key purpose of resident events isn’t giving away free treats.  The purpose is to connect your residents to increase or improve resident retention.  Check out these recommendations for knock out St Patrick’s Day decor.

Don’t like getting stuck with once and done decorations?  We hope these St Patrick’s Day decor suggestions can be integrated into other holidays. You can use green decorations in your Spring and Summer resident parties.

We listed everything in one place to save you time!  It’s as simple as selecting and adding in cart. Resident event coordinators can find themselves overwhelmed with day PLUS planning the engagement events.  Our goal is to be your solution resource to make planning easier for you.

Let’s go shopping!  Our top recommendations are:

1. 92 Piece St Patrick Decoration Kit – includes balloons, streams, confetti and much more.  We love an inclusive kit. You get a little bit of everything.  You can decorate your office, lobby or club room. Several pieces can be packed up and placed in storage for future events.

2. Green Paper Hanging Fans – 6 fans included. I love hanging fans to add interest to concierge or leasing office entryways.  Depending on your community design, you can hang from the ceiling. There can be a debate about using a fan or balloons.  I love fans to the reusable purpose.

3. Chocolate Gold Coins – 2lbs Milk Chocolate Bag. What’s St Patricks Day without the gold?  Exactly! Edible chocolate coins can be placed at the concierge desk to table accents for your party.  We have seen some communities do “Guess The Coins” as a prize or participation incentive. There are numerous uses for the coins.  You will find the 2lbs gone in no time flat.

4. Happy St Patrick Day sign

5. St Patricks Day Collection Kit by My Minds Eye

We hope the above suggestions helped with party planning inspiration. For some people, the decorating part can be the most challenging. If you have the decorations locked down and struggle with the actual event idea, check out our recent blog provides great ideas for your St Patrick Day 2020 celebration. Idea fatigue can be common for community organizers.

Continually finding inspiration is a large task. Women’s Magazine Blog “The Best St. Patrick’s Day Activities For a Day Full of Fun”,  lists 17 great ideas and inspirations for celebrating this classic holiday.  You will see everything from a scavenger hunt to listening to Irish music. We even love the thought of doing a fun 5k race, which is perfect for communities with active residents. If you think a 5k wouldn’t work, organize a bar crawl with community businesses.

If you are looking for additional inspiration, our Pinterest boards are curated with apartment living in mind. You can schedule your free consultation by emailing us at info@luxegivingllc.com or clicking HERE.  

Check out our Amazon store for additional decorations specific to other seasonal holidays and themes.

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