Do you find yourself stuck on St Patrick Day? Are you feeling in a standstill in creativity? We have your back. Coming up with different spins to events can be a lot. The average community director is doing everything from move-ins, reports and resident satisfaction. It’s easy to fall into a slump.

St Patricks Day is one of my top 5 holiday themes to celebrate.  You can go all-in or be super reserved. It can be green beer to gold nugget chocolate bars.  You get to choose how to celebrate this fun event. I will share some great ideas to inspire you lucky inhibitions. Check out these green spins!

1. Green Eggs and Ham…

Sam, I am!!  Lol. It was a little joke for the Dr. Suess lovers out there. Brunches are typically a big hit. Breakfast that doesn’t require cooking for yourself? Sign me up! Instead of a standard breakfast menu, we recommend doing green waffles, juice/drink, danishes or etc. You can change the color with a little food coloring. It’s a simple yet effective hack. The key is not going overboard. Green eggs don’t sound appealing and are likely to cause more questions than fun. 

Another brunch option can include standard Irish food items. It can consist of potato hash, pork/meat choices, and eggs with green decorations. You get the freedom and flexibility to use your creativity in interpretation. Check out our Amazon store for great table or room decorations that won’t blow the budget.

2. Luck Of The Irish

We love a well-executed dessert station. You can have shamrock munchies to green chocolate fountains. Our St Patrick Event Essential Box will make it super easy. Feel free to check out St Patrick Pinterest board for table inspiration. 

Treat stations can be held in the lobby, club room or leasing office. It can be elaborate to simple. We have some ideas and hacks for decorating your tablescape. Check out the shopping list below:

3. Name That Beer

Green beer can be obvious or expected at a St Patty Day event.  Name that beer can be a great party idea for friendly competition. Metropolitan city bar scenes are being transformed by the increased desire for craft and small-batch drinks.  Craft beers and spirits are region-specific and can help educate the residents.

Beer tasting events are a perfect way to test the knowledge between different pours and undertones.  Try to reach out to a local brewer or organize a batch brewer to lead the event. You will find some residents want to drink. You will find some residents want to drink and learn.  

Another option is hosting a batch beer making class. Smaller communities can benefit from this exclusive experience.  Home beer making kits are becoming more popular for the beer connoisseur.

4. Are You Feeling Lucky?

Dress in green or rainbow colors for your St Patrick Happy Hour! Themed happy hours mixed with a few participation prizes or giveaways will go a long way. We found some large batch drink options to throw into your party. Choose two cocktails for variety without overspending on alcohol!

Budgets can be a barrier to effectively executing residential activities. The key is maximizing your budget through creative inspiration.  If you find yourself stuck on ideas and face budget limitations? We highly recommend checking out our Connection Lounge program. Our goal for 2020 is breaking out the mold for hosting events and being seen for providing solutions. 

We understand every property, condo/housing association or country club wants an outsider inside their community. You are wanting resources and tips. The Connection Lounge and Event Essential Box are part of the solutions.

We hope these ideas helped to spark some inspiration for your St Patty event.  It doesn’t matter if you do green waffles, beer or a treat station. Your residents will appreciate your efforts to connect with them.  The main goal is engagement and community.

If you are needing any other tips, please send us an email at info@luxegivingllc.com.  We are here to ease the anxiety around resident engagement and community events.

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