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Who is Luxegiving?

At LuxeGiving, we believe community engagement is of utmost importance. That’s why our boutique community firm works with residential communities and corporate offices to provide activities that build relationships and brand recognition. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for guests by providing services like open house event management, cooking classes, mixology classes, catered events, live art and happy hours. We understand that everyone wants to create great community experiences for their guests, and so we work hard to provide them with the tools they need to build strong community bonds. LuxeGiving’s goal is to make sure all our clients – from residential communities to corporate offices – have access to the resources necessary for a thriving community.

We have hosted over 3,000 events. 

LuxeGiving Event Services

At LuxeGiving, we partner with our clients to create mutually engaging experiences by hosting resident events for the inhabitants of apartment communities, senior living housing complexes and residential communities. 

  • Resident Event Consulting
    • We offer high quality consultancy provided by resident event professionals with years of experience in the event planning industry. Our consulting services focus on working together to design events that meet your specific needs as effectively as possible
  • Residential Community Building 
    • Combining creative and fun resident event ideas, we develop programs that take your building from being just that to becoming a functional and thriving community. We help make sure your residents find a place they belong in your community and they have fun while doing it.
  • Team Building Events
    • Our team building events are geared towards utilizing team builing activities to increase team productivity and workplace satisfaction for the team members of corporate offices and workplaces. Helping your teams engage and communicate better results in a more efficient work balance and team synchrony.


Our Team

We have a wonderful team of events planning experts who contribute a wealth of experience to making the projects we take on at Luxegiving  LLC a success!

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