Lessons are learned in our wins and loses. The biggest growth from acknowledging the growth in every season.  This industry is ever-evolving and competition is growing. It’s true for apartments and businesses similar to the LuxeGiving model.

There’s been unbelievable growth within the multifamily industry around resident events.  According to CBRE, “Development will continue in both urban and suburban locations next year. The geographic emphasis, however, is shifting to the suburbs—both mid-rise “urbanesque” products in the densifying suburbs and garden products in more traditional greenfield locations.”  The growth will require increased resident engagement and inclusion.  

As we close out a decade, who would’ve thought community events would be a MUST have for luxury living. Here are three lessons we’ve learned in 2019:

1. Planning In Advance Reduces Stress and Improve Engagement

Last-minute planning is never fun and impacts participation.  Want to have better participation? Stop waiting to organize an event a week ahead.  Communities that maximize their resident calendar and actively promote from event to event have the best engagement.  The culture turns from “Oh yeah I forget about that” to “What’s the next event? I can’t wait.  

Event to event promotion is key to increased participation.  Try showcasing your next event in an electronic picture frame (https://amzn.to/2Qcbzpb) with a downloadable QR Code.  The code can allow the resident to download the flyer to their phone, RSVP or create a save the date. The perk to the electronic picture frame can scroll through old photos or upcoming flyers.  It takes over 5 exposures to truly connect. We highly recommend integrating technology into your event alerts and notifications at your events.

Community managers have stated frustration around participation or seeing the faces at each event.  Let’s make 2020 the year for proactive planning!

2. Maximize Your Resources

Our focus entering into 2020 is becoming a solution and resource to help improve resident engagement.  Budgets, community size, and resources all play an important part in community hosting events. In 2019, we launched several great resources to help ease the extra workload around resident engagement.  Our Amazon store, Connection Lounge and Event Essentials Box were created with Community Managers in mind. These resources are perfect for small to large events.

You can view our party supply recommendations HERE.  In addition, you can check out these bar recommendations HERE 

Additional resources can be found on Pinterest.  Creativity doesn’t have to always come directly from you.  Pinterest is the perfect space to get inspiration to maximize your time or lack of.  Follow our Pinterest board at https://www.pinterest.com/jesed1999/party-ideas/

3. Everyone Loves Rewards 

Who doesn’t like free stuff or discounts?  Our Reward Programs are well received. We found our partnering communities loved getting discounts from 3-5% off on their events.  The program was created to give communities a 6 month period to qualify for perks. Our previous programs had a shorter time frame. For information about our Rewards Program, please set up a FREE consultation to talk about our offering and how YOUR community can benefit.

We look forward to learning more lessons to help increase our impact in the multifamily industry.  The trends are showing momentum in future decades. Check out for more trend information HERE (https://www.cbre.us/research-and-reports/2020-US-Real-Estate-Market-Outlook-Multifamily)

The biggest lessons learned in 2019 are to enjoy the ride and have fun!!!  We hope these tips impact your event planning efforts in your community to make 2020 an epic year.

What are some lessons you learned in 2019?  What would you like to see from us in 2020?

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