Running an effective community engagement campaign is a great way to build brand awareness, put your products and services in the spotlight and create meaningful relationships with customers. As a small business owner, you don’t have bottomless resources for organising major events. But that doesn’t mean having astounding outreach opportunities must be out of reach – there are plenty of fun and affordable event ideas perfect for any budget. In this blog post, we’ll discuss creative approaches to running successful events on a tight budget – so keep reading to find out how you can become an outreach expert!

 Hosting events is an excellent way for businesses to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. However, coming up with event ideas can be challenging. 

 Over the past decade, LuxeGiving has supported property management companies by creating resident events.  The same philosophy can be applied to other businesses.  People often ask about what types of events allow a business to build relationships.  You can read the top four event ideas for businesses.

 Event planning ideas for business #1: Product Launch Event

 A product launch event is an excellent way to generate excitement about a new product or service. Invite customers, industry influencers, and press members to attend the event. Showcase the new product or service, and provide hands-on demonstrations. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions for attendees who purchase at the event.

 You can host your product launch or allow a partnering business to host their product launch at your facility. Exposure to other audiences can have a positive impact on brand awareness.  The critical component is finding the right brand that aligns with your mission, vision, or audience.  The perfect collaboration should be mutually beneficial.

 Event planning ideas for business #2: Networking Event

 A networking event allows businesses to connect with other companies and potential clients. Host a mixer, happy hour, or speed networking event to enable attendees to network and exchange ideas. Encourage attendees to bring business cards and offer door prizes or giveaways to incentivize attendance.

In the past, I have attended networking events hosted by a boutique, coworking spaces, restaurants, and other establishments.  It can be a self-organized event or partner with an organization hosting networking events.  They have a built-in audience.  You can donate your space to the organizer to gain new eyes on your business.

 Event planning ideas for business #3: Charity Event

 Hosting a charity event is an excellent way for businesses to give back to the community. Partner with a local charity and host a fundraiser, donation drive, or volunteer day. Encourage attendees to bring donations, and offer incentives for those who contribute. Promote the event on social media to raise awareness and encourage attendance.

 You will be doing both your local community and your business a favor when you leverage this recommendation. Not only are there potential customers connected to charities, but supporting worthwhile causes is an incredible way for companies to invest back into the places where they live and work!

 Event planning ideas for business #4: Customer Appreciation Event

 A customer appreciation event is a way for businesses to show their gratitude to loyal customers. Host a VIP night or exclusive sale for customers who have made multiple purchases or have been customers for a certain period. Offer special discounts or promotions, and provide refreshments or entertainment to make the event more memorable.

 Hosting a special event twice a year can produce excellent results with client loyalty, social proof and attract new customers.  You want to place creative efforts into hosting the best event.  I recommend surveying customers to find out the best event concept for participation.

 In conclusion, hosting events can be a valuable way for businesses to connect with customers, build relationships, and increase revenue. By implementing these four event ideas, companies can create unique and engaging experiences for their customers while also achieving their business goals.

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