As we kick off the new year, it’s important to focus on ways to bring your community together and keep residents engaged. February is the perfect month for hosting exciting resident events, as there are plenty of holiday-themed options to choose from. Whether you’re planning a celebration for Superbowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, or Mardi Gras, we’ve got great party ideas for each theme that will be sure to delight your residents.

We love focusing on events to help with gathering people together in a fun way, especially coming out of the pandemic.  Apartment resident events are a great way to unite residents for much-needed socialization. 

With limited resources, however, it can be challenging to come up with appropriate resident event ideas that leave an impression and meet the needs of many. We recognize these challenges and have created an extensive list of great ideas for resident events during the first quarter. Our list takes inspiration from the current resident trends while working to provide creative solutions that match apartment budgets.  Our First Quarter Event Ideas list can help all apartment complexes host successful resident events. 

Check out several party ideas curated for February themes:

Superbowl Sunday Party Ideas 

Whether your residents are avid football fans or just looking for an excuse to get together, a Superbowl party is a great way to bring everyone together. Set up a few TVs around the clubhouse and ensure they’re tuned into the game. Offer food and drinks such as beer and chips, hot wings, and pizza. To add a competitive element to the event, organize a betting pool with prizes awarded at halftime and the end of the game. 

Want to avoid running out of food?  Our caterers recommend food stations such as mac n cheese, wings, or dip stations.  Pizzas tend to go fast.  Check out our Pinterest page for decorating tips for Superbowl.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas 

For those who want something more romantic than watching sports on TV all day long, consider throwing Valentine’s Day-themed party in your clubhouse or common outdoor area. Set up tables with decorations such as balloons and candles in honor of the day of love. You can also provide activities such as karaoke or trivia contests for couples and singles alike. Remember, snacks like cookies shaped like hearts or cupcakes topped with candy hearts! 

Are you looking for resident event ideas to brighten up Valentine’s Day? Consider adding some salsa dancing to the mix! A night at a cozy restaurant is always nice, but your tenants will love spicing things up with fun dance moves. Dance experience is optional; you only need clear floor space and an instructor to teach you the basics. Couples tend to appreciate this kind of event together, while singles can use such events to socialize with other residents. You’re sure to make Valentine’s Day special with the right music accompanying your moves!

Mardi Gras Party Ideas 

Finally, why not celebrate Mardi Gras? Decorate your space with colorful streamers and masks that reflect this festive theme. The highlight of any Mardi Gras event is music—so consider hiring a New Orleans jazz band or playing some lively tunes from YouTube! Provide plenty of snacks like king cake, jambalaya, and gumbo to get everyone in the spirit. Another fun activity could be mask-making stations where guests can get creative by cutting out colorful pieces of paper and using their supplies (such as feathers) to design their masks!  

Hosting resident event ideas around the theme of Mardi Gras can be a great way to promote inclusion, camaraderie, and fun. From classic cocktails like the Hurricane or Sazerac to the more modern Librarian’s Lemonade or Louisiana Iced Tea, residents with minimal bartending expertise can assemble their bar. A resident panel of expert mixologists sharing their custom concoctions would be an excellent way for everyone to interact and create something original for attendees. Cocktail Knowledge sessions could cover traditional drinks and locally-inspired specialties—a great way to discuss new trends in drinks and inspire your resident’s creativity!

February offers some great opportunities for property managers looking to host resident events that will bring people together with fun activities that celebrate the holidays during this month. From Superbowl Sunday parties featuring delicious food and friendly competitions to romantic Valentine’s Day gatherings filled with karaoke singing and trivia games; right down to festive Mardi Gras celebrations complete with colorful décor, lively jazz music along with classic New Orleans dishes—whatever theme you choose is sure to be enjoyed by your residents! So let’s get planning—it’s time to start thinking about how YOU will bring February alive within your community!


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