Summer can be really hot– trust us, we’ve hosted all the fun events, we know. Preparing a large batch of delicious alcoholic beverages for your residents can turn out to be one of the most exciting ways to engage a large group of people. To begin, let’s get one thing out of the way: To prepare any of these resident appreciation summer batch drinks, you do not in any way need to be an experienced bartender. You can simply try simple mixes, and particularly if you have tried-and-true drinks like Margaritas and Pina Coladas in your arsenal, they will serve you well! You can also hire LuxeGiving LLC to provide professional bartender and mixology services to get the most refreshing and tasty cocktail mixes!

To help you plan properly, we have curated a diverse array of summer batch cocktails, just for you on our Pinterest page. In need of sufficient drinks for a larger-than-expected resident turnout (maybe it happened to be on a weekend)? One of our favorite ways to shake up the status quo at events is to serve alcoholic beverages out of barrels and kegs. The only thing that could possibly top a bittersweet and effervescent Aperol martini would be a whole keg of the cocktail itself.

With our expert assistance, you will be able to spend more time having fun at your own party and less time getting to know your cocktail shaker. When mixed in the correct order—alcohol first, then flavorings, then any fruit or bubbly when it’s time for a party—virtually any cocktail may be scaled up to accommodate a large number of guests. We can serve anything from punch and martinis to negronis and any of the fan-favorite batch drinks. Are you going to be serving slushies? When blending, it’s a good idea to use frozen fruit to ensure that the finished product is silky smooth and not frosty or watery.

At your summertime resident soirees, picnics, and get-togethers, these summer drinks made in large batches are guaranteed to re-energize everyone in attendance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more of a rum person, wine drinker, or tequila enthusiast; there is a huge batch of cocktails that are perfect for you.

Do you need to get the party started in a hurry? We have several good options for dealing with it. Check out our picks for the best summer batch cocktails for some more bubbly summertime inspiration!

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