Every industry is being affected differently by COVID-19. We’ve seen on the news the restaurants are struggling to keep their employees safe and keep their doors open. It is no different for catering and personal chefs!

The foodservice and the entertainment industry have been impacted tremendously by the pandemic. Their cost has had to go up to ensure safety and quality. It’s everything from sanitation, mask, to special containers.

It’s important to keep this in mind for the upcoming holiday season. Why you may ask? It will directly play a factor into your cost.  

Don’t get me wrong. Some caterers are willing to just take any price to make some money. Professional caterers will have some type of increase to ensure a certain level of quality in meeting the clients’ expectations.

Let’s talk about three things to consider before selecting a caterer in the fall of 2020. These options will help you with an alternative to foodservice and typical holiday events.

On the go

For Luxegiving, our on-the-go options have been extremely popular alternative. All of our caterers were able to pivot from doing buffets to doing on the go individual meals. 

What are on-the-go meals? It can be anywhere from a box, a bag lunch or meal, or a nicely presented container. Everything that would be on a normal buffet in individual packages.

There are pros and cons to on-the-go. The pros are easy to disburse, cost-effective, easy for staff to handle, and storage. The cons can be costly for larger communities, safely distributing the boxes, and accommodating food preferences. Despite the challenges, they are still a great option.

plate of rice and cooked meat
Photo by Rajesh TP on Pexels.com

Food trucks

There has not been a shortage of food truck nights being advertised all over Instagram. Food trucks have really been a saving grace for restaurants and caterers with that accessibility. Food truck nights are a great way to have residents place their orders in advance and make it easy on the staff. 

blue and pink food truck catering
Photo by Prithpal Bhatia on Pexels.com

Shields or no touch service 

Lastly, you can still do a buffet with no touch service. Out of all of the other options, it has the potential for the highest risk. Several of our caterers do you have shield guards to protect their food. The foodservice industry has had to adjust to the times. 

We do recommend residents to wear a mask and or a shield guard.  Buffets are best only with smaller communities or properties using an arrival time blocking. 

All of these options are valid depending on the city and state regulations for recommendations by the CDC. The key is to be present to what your property can do and cannot do. Don’t feel like you have no options. There are plenty of choices with creativity. Check out a free consultation with us to discuss your. 

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