August 2020 looks a lot different than previous years.  COVID-19 has shaken up school systems with virtual and split schedule solutions.  It can be a stressful time for your families and tenants.  Granted communities are still navigating through social distancing and hosting events in a pandemic.  I recommend still celebrating the school year starting. 

There are ways to do small yet big gestures for parents.  I think we can get confused about the difference between little efforts and grand gestures.  Efforts and impact are not linked.  Over the years, I have found that smaller or lower ticket priced items can still make a major impact.

I’ve seen communities through large sums of money at events and only get small returns due to the impact.  It can work both ways.

Back to school parties or events are STILL a thing.  Are you stumped on how to make an impact on your community?

I will give you some suggestions on how to celebrate “Back to School” in a pandemic.  Here you go:

1. Breakfast On The Go

People, in general, are a little skeptical about open items.  The best way to execute the breakfast on the go is a nice bag.  The key part of the gesture is in the details.  Please do not pass out a plain brown bag.  I love a simple sticker that says “Thank You” or “Have a great day” can be used to seal a bag.  It’s the extra touch to show that it has not been open.

To avoid the “What’s in this bag?” and people wanting to open it up, I would recommend a healthy and sweets option.  It cuts down on costs and keeps things super simple.

Suggested Supply List:

Bakery Bag

Thank You Stickers

Breakfast Bars

Welcome Back To School Tag

2. Treat or Gift Bags

Who doesn’t love a snack or treat after a long day?   You may be reading this blog thinking about a snack.  LOL.  Kids love a special treat after coming home from school.  I love the thought of a treat or gift bag surprise in the leasing office or lobby.

Advertise as an after school surprise.  The family tenants will love this unexpected treat.  I have found some great treat bag ideas.  You can utilize local retailers and bakeries for items.  Or you can find great treat ideas below!

Treat Bags Supply List:

Back To School Sticker

Back To School Gift Tag

Colorful Treat Bags

Back To School Gift Box

3. Supply Gift Bag

Are you wanting to stay clear away from edible items?  I totally understand.  Some communities are looking for ways to show appreciation without involving food.  My last suggestion is a supply gift bag.  It can be a pack of pencils, highlighter, crayons, or something.  The key is not just passing out just a box.  I love using nice clear gift bags with a friendly tag.

Supply Gift Bag List:

Virtual School Sticker

Back To School Gift Tag

Color Pencil Bulk Set

Clear Treat Bags with Colorful Twist Ties

Don’t just stop with a little treat.  Try a photo stand for the students to take a photo.  You can have a designated staff member to hold the stand and disinfect.  The parents can use the image to still celebrate their children.  Or try a back to school sign for kids to take a photo in front of the sign. Please feel free to also check out our lifestyle series for more ideas

I hope these three tips will help you have a rocking back to school event.  I promise implementing one of these tips will make a lasting difference in a difficult time.

Which idea did you end up trying?

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