Back in 2012, I started LuxeGiving after hosting a fundraising event at an apartment community in Houston, TX to benefit Dress for Success. I immediately connected with the one resident that attended and talked for hours. At the end of the conversation, she said “it was great talking to you. It’s been a long time to just sit and talk with someone”. A lightbulb went off! That was the beginning of our journey. Metropolitan cities are crammed with people that have places to go and things to see. We can get sucked into existing as strangers in the wind. The ability to just pause and say “hello” can be daunting. When we move into a new neighborhood, it can be intimidating to say something to our new neighbor. When we are on the elevators, we can choose to endure the awkward silence over a friendly hello. Making friends as an adult has to be one of the most awkward life changes. LOL. That’s where LuxeGiving plays a part. Don’t get me wrong. Our vision and purpose has shifted over the years. Honestly, it has left people confused about our services. The core to our business is connecting residents to their management company. In turn, resident engagement is higher, renewals are higher and community impact is higher. We don’t want to take the glory and credit. We are focused on helping to ease the workload. Common questions: Are you a concierge company? Do you only work in one area? Are you a catering company? The answer is no. We are here to help you. Our daily schedule has some structure. We aim to keep a schedule consistent. Any event can have several pieces moving at one time. Planning resident events is different from special event planning. 9 out of 10 times our clients need a 7-14 day turnaround. Our days can be long and exhausting. In COVID19… you can only imagine our normal day. Our day can change day to day and season to season. Our administrative team consists of Sheila and Latericia. These powerhouses are the glue to helping the office run smoothly. Latericia does follow up calls, appointments and manages property relationships. Sheila is the brains behind our social media and website management. I’m a firm believer in trust to fully execute our mission to play apart in impacting communities. Firstly, a large amount of our day consists of consultations. We have set days and times to do phone consultations. It helps with understanding your property needs and goals. Some communities are focused on lease up, maintenance and leisure activities. Secondly, I work with Latericia on new vendor cultivation. Several days a week you can find us researching trends and reaching out to possible partners. The key to creating connections is staying up to date with trends. Every resident won’t enjoy a party. Work schedule, stress levels and culture are factors.. Resident engagement isn’t one size fits all. Our vendor list is pretty extensive to minimize our apartment clients the need to call around. The team spends about an hour a day talking to current and prospect vendors. Lastly, our team brainstorms on event execution and forecasting. Event workflows contain more than talking to vendors. That’s only one part of the puzzle. We chat about how, why and when to rollout concepts. Due to the complexity of creating a community, our brainstorming sessions have the community desired end result at the forefront. You may ask “What’s ahead for us?” Our new course and online platform called Creating Community. The course gives residential managers access to training behind the scenes, access to community resources and special promotions. We can’t release a ton of information yet. Keep your eyes open for what’s ahead. I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes look into our daily activities. Our team is here to support you. They say “there’s no I in team”. Check out our other blogs for additional information. Schedule a free consultation to talk about resident retention and making a difference in your community.
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