Do you face challenges with time and hosting events?  The subscription box craze catched momentum traction in 2011.  You can find everything from shaving products to pet supplies. It gives the perfect opportunity to try out products at an affordable price.

You may be thinking to yourself.  How do subscription boxes tie into resident engagement and involvement?  SIMPLE! You can have access to great move-in gifts and as a way to add variety into your wine tasting.  Time is the most valuable access to a property manager.

These three subscription boxes will help cut back on time and keep things fresh.  All of the below options are fantastic solutions community coordinators looking to leave a lasting impression on new and existing residents.

1.Cellar Wines Club

Wine down Wednesdays is super popular in housing communities. Monthly wine club subscriptions will cut down on liquor or wine store runs.  Cellar Wines Club Premium Wine gives options for customized subscriptions from monthly to every other month to quarter.  Your office can select the best option to fit your demographic needs. The wine club subscriptions are perfect for properties with avid wine drinkers.  The bottles provided are from limited released bottles and boutique vineyards. Each wine event can have a theme or games to encourage participation. For properties needing larger quantities, you can explore the case club program.

2. Home Made Luxe

Communities with a high family and crafter demographics will love Home Made Luxe.  This subscription box contains supplies needed for home decor projects. Hosting in-house craft events can be a big task for the staff.  You will only need table covers and a few extra hands on the event date.

We love Home Made Luxe for an affordable way to get supplies to bring your residents together.  Recently, they started to offer Girls Night Party packs for larger groups. The available boxes are according to the season.

3. Adult & Craft Crate

According to the Adult & Craft website, “Perfect for the solo crafter, date night, and of course, your next crafting party, each project is fun and/or functional. And there’s nothing quite like making something with your hands and sharing it with friends and family.”  Their topics range from hot cocoa candles kit, the mug holds, to string art wood signs.  The kits are geared towards adults rather than families. We love this subscription box for a unique option for Mother’s Day and Spring happy hours.

Out of the above boxes, which one was your favorite option?  Each box offers a benefit in helping with event planning efficiency.  Cellar Wine Club, Home Made Luxe and Adult & Craft Craft are great solutions for event hosting to gift ideas.

In January, we announced our Event Essentials Box.  Our boxes contain decorations geared towards specific themes including everything from balloons, table coverings, wall hangings and much more.  The idea came from conversations with busy concierges facing challenges with finding classy and affordable decorations. Our solution is hosting quarterly box releases to keep on-trend for your community needs.

We hope you love the above recommendations and the article shifted your mind on subscription boxes!  It’s not only for personal consumption in 2020. You can use it for your community and business needs.




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