Three Types of Cooking Classes That Your Residents Will Love

Back in 2013, our cooking series launched with a huge bang.  We didn’t realize two things. First, people don’t always feel confident in cooking.  Secondly, people are looking for quick options that aren’t intimidating to replicate. Communities are constantly looking for ways to bring their residents together and a topic that will perk interest.  Cooking demonstrations and classes are great for bringing people together on a common bond.

PLUS… Who doesn’t like food!?!

As mentioned in Arugula & Rocket 10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Cooking Class, “Friends are like shoes, you can never have too many and while you might not leave having made new life long friends, you will have spent the evening with new people, of different ages and different backgrounds, but who have the same interest as you.” https://arugulaandrocket.com/2018/07/13/10-reasons-why-you-should-take-a-cooking-class/

New friends! New foods!  New experience!

There are two ways to execute a cooking class.  One is a demonstration where the instructor does most of the cooking.  One is a hand on class where each resident creates something. The hands on classes are more costly due to supplies.

Are you stuck on how to host a cooking experience?  We totally understand. The average clubroom or community space doesn’t have a kitchen setup.  Most professional chefs have access to portable cooking surfaces. The featured dishes or menus can be planned around your space limitations.

One thing to remember when picking a topic is ease in duplication.  Residents find dishes that are repeatable or easy to replicate more impact and less intimidating.  The best feeling is when a resident tries the dish at home and tags you for a shout out.

The main three cooking class types are kid friendly, alternative lifestyle and cooking hacks.

1.Kid Friendly

Does your community struggle with finding the right kid friendly event?  Cooking classes are perfect for family focused properties. Parents can feel excluded when a community hosts a lot of alcohol based events.  These classes are fun for the parent and kid. The best way to host a kid friendly class is a hands on experience.

According to  JKCP blog on What Kids & High Schoolers Can Learn From Cooking Class, “Kids cooking classes can encourage the participants to eat healthy”. (https://info.jkcp.com/blog/culinary-cooking-class-for-teens)  Parents want to find different ways to cook and include their kids.  We encourage you survey the parents and population to find the best fit.  Some communities may get poor feedback on high sugar classes.

Try out these class topics:

2. Alternative Diet or Lifestyle

Food preferences has exceeded vegetarian and carnivore.  When selecting a cooking demonstration, it’s important to remember the time of year and the community demographic.  Healthier lifestyle classes are popular in specific regions or in January. Alternative diets are often overlooked and can fill exclusive.  Medical News Today listed the 9 most popular diets in this article(https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/5847.php).

Try on these class topics:

  • Juicing 101
  • Keto Lifestyle
  • Gluten Free Cooking

3. Cooking Hacks

According to Taste of Home 7 Reasons Home Cooks and Pros Should Take A Cooking Class, “With cooking professionals on hand and new recipes to conquer, you’ll definitely pick up a few skills and get a boost of confidence.” (https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/7-reasons-home-cooks-and-pros-should-try-a-cooking-class/)Cooking classes are ways for novice and experts learn how to experiment or learn a new technique.  Plus, you will find new faces attending your events that normally ignore the parties.

Try one of these classes:

We hope these categories helped inspire your next engagement event.  Cooking classes are economical ways to bring together, have food and tons of fun.  It doesn’t matter if you bringing together kids or adults. If you are looking for other fun cooking topics, send us an email at info@luxegivingllc.com.

Have you ever hosted a cooking class?  If so, what was your experience or feedback?

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