Roses are red

Violets are blue

Valentine’s Day is around the corner

I think it’s time for you to do something new!

The main six holidays celebrated by every community are Valentine Day, St Patricks’, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween and Christmas.  Do you find yourself stuck on the same hearts and cupcakes for your February event? Over the years, we have seen some events become a hit while others are complete miss.  Learn from our mistakes by reading this post!

Love day doesn’t have to only include couples or adults.  According to QC Event School Six Ways To Plan A Valentine’s Event For Singles, “A big complaint on Valentine’s Day is the sheer amount of lovey-dovey cards and gifts. Avoid the notion that Valentine’s Day is only for people in love. Everyone should be able to enjoy the day, whether they’re in a relationship or focusing on themselves.” (https://www.qceventplanning.com/blog/2017/02/6-ways-plan-valentines-day-event-singles/)

Check out our favorite Valentine Day resident event ideas that are perfect for singles and couples.  These ideas will be easy to replicate on a small or large scale. Each idea can be adjusted to reflect the goal audience.

1. Unique Cooking Demonstration

Chocolate making to aphrodisiac inspired classes can play off the Valentine’s Day theme.  Cooking classes and demonstrations are super popular in modern culture. Several communities have joined the wave.  People love experiences that are educational yet fun. Who doesn’t love chocolate?  

Residents would brag to their friends.  For a little extra flare, try an actual cooking class with stations.  The extra cost for the experience will be worth every penny. There’s plenty of trained chefs that would love to transform your clubroom into a romantic evening with food.  

Our favorite Valentine cooking class topics:

  • Truffle Making
  • Fresh Pasta Making
  • Chocolate Treats 101

2. Live Music With Dancing

Communities choose between a live music night or dance nights. How about combining both for an over the top experience? Latin dance can be inclusive for singles.  Advertising for both with help ensure a mixed crowd. Include some wine or sangria with a few finger foods for a stand out salsa event.

3. Pop Up Dining

Food truck nights are the rave in the summer.  What if there was a way to bring a restaurant to your community?  LuxeGiving has created a platform to host pop-up dining experiences in your very own clubroom.  Luxury apartments aim to provide unique experiences associated with living in their community. Nothing beats the ease of a three-course dinner right at your property.

The key components of a pop-up experience is a featured chef.  Someone that understands price points and your property food limitations.  Don’t think your residents will pay? We found residents find it as a no-brainer.  As mentioned on Weemss 9 Valentines Day Event Ideas For Event Planners, “It can be a dinner, lunch, or maybe you would like to target couples celebrating during the weekend rather than the 14th itself. In any case, let your imagination run free and prepare a whole evening experience package.” https://weemss.com/blog/9-valentines-day-event-ideas-event-planners/

4. Poetry Reading

Fingers snapping! Wine flowing! Soft jazz playing!  All help create a relaxing yet romantic mood. Marie Clarie lists poetry night as a unique date night idea for Valentine’s Day. https://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/news/a13301/unique-valentines-day-date-ideas/.  Invite your creative residents to showcase with an open mic night or partner with an art school to provide talent to be featured.  Think outside the box to get people to sign up.

5. DIY Valentine Gift Class

Everyone loves a gift from the heart. Craft classes are big in residential spaces. You can do a canvas paint and Sip with a romantic inspiration picture. Or you can do wine glass painting for a fun alternative.

Over the last quarter, we have found a great response to the following craft topics:

  • Candle Making 
  • DIY Bath Bomb 
  • Chocolate Body Scrubs
  • Essential Oil Aromatic Soaps

These DIY ideas are perfect happy hours and gift classes. You will find couples come together or people do a special gift for someone in their life. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Resident events don’t have to be limited to only a dessert station. These unique Valentine Day ideas will surely make your community feel special and help create great February memories. These five ideas are love inspired. Share your love through poetry to cooking to a formal dining experience. It’s time to think outside the book for 2020 and beyond!

What did your community do for Valentine’s Day 2019? How are you planning to spruce up 2020?

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