Fall and beer tastings can go hand and hand. Communities are looking for interactive activities with the cooler weather season. Plus, Oktoberfest doesn’t hurt to celebrate. Are you tired of residents just taking the beer then going to their apartment? It’s key to have an interactive event.

Food Pairing


Food pairings aren’t only for wine. Did you know certain foods bring out the undertones and tannins in the beer? Some beer flavors can be enhanced by sweet, spicy or tart foods. For a cheat sheet to pairing beers, check out this download by CraftBeer.com (https://www.craftbeer.com/tasting-tools/beer-food-chart). 

Hosting a food pairing works best with an instructor to guide the residents through the food pallet. The foods can be presented on a charcuterie platter or cooking demonstration. Our food experiences showcase pairing food with alcohol. 




Blind Tasting or Brown Bag Test

Do your residents love friendly competition? Host a blind tasting. This fun interactive game is perfect with beer education. The tally sheet will test the knowledge on aroma, notes, appearance, and other beer qualities. If they don’t understand flavor profiles, it will just turn into drinking beer and quickly become disruptive. The winner can get a great prize. Check out A Pint Of Happiness blog on how to conduct a blind tasting by clicking here.   (http://apintofhoppiness.com/hoppy-thoughts/brown-paper-bag-blind-beer-tasting/)

Small Batch Making Class

Partner with a local small brewer to host a batch making class. Groupon often features these classes due to demand. Craft cocktails and beers are huge in the millennial community. 

We hope these tips help with your next beer tasting event. If you use any of these tips, make sure to tag us or send a message.


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