LuxeGiving is SO excited to be partnering with Hungry Harvest, a food delivery company who is on a mission to end food waste & hunger. We have been hosting cooking demos for our residents and want to introduce them to this convenient service because we truly believe in what Hungry Harvest strives to accomplish.


In the US, a startling 40% of food currently goes to waste. With some help from a Shark Tank investment, Hungry Harvest founder, Evan Lutz, materialized his dream to change the food system through “ugly” produce.
Hungry Harvest works with farmers and wholesalers to rescue fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go uneaten for aesthetic or logistic imperfections to curate produce variety boxes that are delivered weekly to subscribers’ doorsteps. Each delivery supports our work to end hunger in this country.

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Hungry Harvest will deliver to your doorstep for 20% less than grocery prices, which is why LuxeGiving is so excited to introduce their services to our clients. Use our promo code “welcome” to get $5 off your first order! Their customizable boxes come in a variety of sizes & options so you can find the harvest that’s just right for you! Click here to check out their sample harvests: https://www.hungryharvest.net/our-harvest- boxes.
For more information about partnership opportunities, please email info@luxegivingllc.com

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