No one wants to spend hundred of dollars for holiday decorations! Especially for them to stay in office storage for 90% of the year. Don’t fret! We have some affordable tips for you to make it through the holidays on a budget.
Communities often find themselves torn on decorations and the actual event. Your hands are tied on the budget. On average, a community has $500-700 to spend on an event or a month. Spending $200 on decorations to go in the trash or storage may not make sense.
Our first suggestion to decorate on a budget is using reusable decorations. Solid colored or clear containers are useful for multiple uses. You can find affordable fish bowls, cylinders and vases to switch out every event. Our favorite colors are white, silver, gold, clear and black for the containers. You can fill the containers with marbles, sand, beans, food colored water or fruit for a pop off color.

Secondly, we highly recommend staying away from specific prints or themed decorations at a higher cost. Simple party kits help tie in the theme. For Halloween, we do love these simple kits to add a festive touch. You can add some votives with orange candles for an added touch.

Lastly, invest in quality artificial flowers. Keep the colors simple to the season for the biggest bang. Earlier in our journey, we were spending $30-40 an event on fresh flowers for table decorations that were thrown away after each event. We decided to invest in premium artificial flowers that keep people guessing.

When all else fails, keep it super simple! Too much makes it tacky. Don’t fall victim to underestimating on the food and refreshment by blowing money on the decorations.
If you found these tips helpful, let us know. What are your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays?

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