Do you find yourself stuck on unique event ideas for the summer?  Are you all barbecue out?  Crab and Brews are a fun way to play homage to the summer season.

Here’s 3 tips to execute this fun summer pastime.

Location! Location! Location!!!

The location is key for hosting Crab Fest.   You want to have it in a neutral place in your community.  In theory it will be clean and fun event.  In reality, you will find crab shells and juice everywhere.  Please select a space with proper ventilation and ease for cleanup.  Outdoor spaces that can be washed down will be perfect!  Once you have a location, lets get to planning.

Proper Tools

Is there such a thing as too cheesy for a Crab Fest?  I don’t think so!  (Please don’t set out to prove us wrong) Every Crab Fest needs to have these essentials.  Crab Fest essentials are:

These essentials will help with keeping your space clean and play along with theme.  Paper towels and wet wipes are suggested to have for fingers and clean up.

Don’t forget about the crab!

Crabs can fluctuate.  We find that the best route can be catered.  Our chefs have created a menu to make a Crab Fest easy for a community to host. The best part about having a caterer is your staff avoiding the crab smell haunting them for days 😊.  Your budget doesn’t really have the funds to caterer a crab fest?  Try reaching out to a local crab boat or provider for a better price.  Some places will season and steam the crabs for free.  It does mean more labor for the staff YET your residents will truly love it.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful for your next Crab Fest.

What are your must haves for a crab event?  Have you tried to host a crab event?  What were your experience?

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