Ready… Set… Go!!! Super Bowl is less than two weeks away! It’s hard to believe. Super Bowl kicks off the next round for resident event planning. We snowball into Valentines Day to Mardi Gras to St Patty to etc… A strong start through Super Bowl creates momentum into your upcoming events. Over the last seven years, we have some success and growth opportunities on hosting a Super Bowl Party.

Here’s our top 4 tips for Super Bowl parties:

1. Pizza?? Forget about it!

Want food to run out? Order pizza, wings and chips! It’s almost a guaranteed way to run out before second quarter. Residents can blow through pizza before the game starts. It’s common for people to grab 3-5 slices, hold them to the side, then trash half. Have you ever witnessed the same thing? Our solution to make it through half time are food stations. Mac n cheese, wing, mashed potato, or chili stations go the mile at Super Bowl parties. It gives variety and helps absorb the cocktails 😉.

2. Drinks On Us

Signature cocktails are the way to go for Super Bowl. Beer and wine can go pretty fast. We find drinks inspired by football or the teams add a little flare. Beverage dispensers with two containers gives options. Our favorite quick cocktails have standard vodka, juice and sparkling beverage to balance out the sharp vodka taste.

3. Rep Your City

Simple gestures can help encourage participation. Jersey team dress code can help liven up the party. We do like finding inexpensive football theme decorations for added room flare. The residents attire with the simple room decorations makes a big difference. How about a football runner to lead into your space?

4. Hashtag What?

Lastly, we love “Photo Of The Day” contests. It’s super simple! Create a photo area in your area with a few props. A fringe or tassel party curtain creates a quick backdrop area. Post a sign with an unique hashtag and contest around the room, ie #CommunitySuperbowl19. Each post can be an entry into the contest. It’s a win-win!

We hope these tips help with making your party a hit. What’s your Super Bowl must have?

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