Breakfast on the go events are a great idea for communities. It’s a fast resource for residents to enjoy the perks with living in a luxury property. We find brunches are a happy medium between the breakfast on the go and happy hour events.

Brunches can range from waffle or omelette stations to shrimp & grits. There are limitless menu possibilities to make a great brunch.

When planning a brunch, we suggest to keeping the following in mind:

  1. Timing – We find communities will do the event too early or too late. Depending on the demographic, an earlier brunch means parents and families can enjoy before running off to practice and errands. A brunch too late, can mean expecting double participation that can wreck havoc on a budget.
  2. Variety – Traditional breakfast food isn’t always necessary for a breakfast event. Depending on the event time, you will be surprise by the reaction to having a mixture of breakfast and lunch items
  3. Crowd size – Omelette and waffle stations are great from properties expecting less than 75 residents. Eggs and waffles cook the same speed. Long lines can result with higher head counts. You can have more chefs to ensure a smooth transition, which can mean a large price tag
  4. Location – Air vents are your friend. If your community doesn’t have steady resident participation, try to hosting the brunch in a common space with good ventilation. You will find the smell will fill the halls and elevators. People will follow the scent.

These standard tips will surely lead you along the right direction. During the winter months, expect a larger turn out due to the cold and unpredictable weather. Residents will hesitate on going out on a cold Sunday morning.

Our caterers offer some affordable brunch options. Here are a few options:

St. Patricks Day breakfast @$13.50pp
St. Pattycakes (Green pancakes)
Maple syrup
Lucky charm cereal
Whipped Cream
Chocolate chips
Sliced Strawberries

Our menus start at $10 per person with service, setup and breakdown included. Don’t find yourself frantic at your next brunch. Reach out to us for your event needs!!

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