Lights! Camera! Action!  Outdoor movie nights are a classic resident event idea.  We’ve helped to host close to 100 outdoor movie nights in 6 years.  We’ve seen them hosted in parking lots to roof tops.  Regardless of the location, the event is surely a hit.

Here are three tips to think about before planning your next movie night:

Movie Selection

The movie selection can make or break the event.  Communities have the freedom to choose between the classics to musicals to animation to action.  The best way to choose a movie can be through surveying the community.  Or try a drawing!  Redbox has a wide range of movie selections.  The classic movies can be found on Amazon.


It’s important to know the turnout between weekdays versus weekends.  Some communities love Thursday nights!! Don’t feel you have to do a Friday or Saturday!  Weekday movie nights are great for millennial and single demographics.  Weekends are usually nightlife and other fun options. Weekends are better for family and high commuter properties.  The perfect months to host a movie night can be May through October.  It can be a wonderful Back to School event.


Don’t limit your food options only to popcorn!  Try a popcorn station with multiple flavors or toppings.  Do you have a limited budget?  Reach out to a food truck to setup a hour or two before your movie night.  It’s a nice way to do dine and movie theme.  In addition, concession stands with nostalgia candies and sweets are a nice extra touch.  You can do the concessions in-house or use a vendor.  We have some great movie night options at our Amazon store.

You can find some additional tips at Babble.com.  They provide some fantastic tips to doing your own movie night.

We hope these tips gave you something to think about.  Have you tried to host a movie night?  What type of movie did you show?

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