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We’ve heard numerous stories about the difficulties around resident event calendar planning. Should you do one big event a month? Should you celebrate only known holidays? How cheesy is too cheesy? Calendar planning can seem like a daunting task for communities. We hope these tips will help relieve some pressure and get your creative juices going.

What To Celebrate

It’s honestly up to you. Event scheduling becomes easier with understanding your residents. Communities that are disconnected from the residents will find this part challenging. The biggest mistake a community can make is only hosting parties. Surprisingly, everyone doesn’t want to be around excessive alcohol, loud music, or parties after work. Check out insights calendar for unique holiday calendar ideas. We try to make it easier for clients with a holiday cheat sheet on our quarterly event lists. The insights calendar has every food holiday to month theme listed. The starting point is deciding on what to celebrate.

How To Remix

Woohoo! The hardest part has been solved. You’re clear about the event theme or holiday. The next part is figuring out to make the party different. The best part about themed holidays are the unlimited ways to remix the event. For example, St Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be only a Green Party. It can be a beer tasting. Better yet, plan a how to make small batch beer class. Residents love fresh concepts around the traditional holiday celebrations. Literal translation can create loss in interest. Check out Elizabeth Gatlin’s blog on planning a successful themed party.  https://elizabethgatlin.com/ten-steps-to-planning-a-successful-themed-party/ You will find some affordable suggestions on how to remix your party.

Alrighty, you have some great tips! What’s your event idea? Will you do salsa dancing for Valentine’s Day or chocolate making class? The possibilities are endless as soon as you start creating outside of the box. Email us for more fun ideas for your community.

Party Must Haves:

Beverage dispenser

Ceramic Tier Plates

Plate A Cup Disposable Plates

Ceramic Platters


Check out additional tips on how to plan your next resident event at HERE

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