The tide is changing! The multi-family residential industry is constantly changing and evolving. In 2012, LuxeGiving was created out of a need for fun fundraising events within the DC market. Our business model has changed into cultivating partnerships with local brands and entertainment for several metropolitan cities.

During that time, we had to learn how to maximize events, think outside the box and expand our capacity. Client feedback and surveys helped us with understanding property manager needs with community engagement. The philosophy behind resident activities is creating a culture that supports retention and helps to standout from competition.

Creating, organizing, and running these events can become tedious on the staff. Yet, the corporate culture surrounds around the lifestyle within luxury living. Property managers are faced with staff shortages and tight budgets. Creative events can be taxing on the properties that can result in limited or poorly executed events.

We are happy to announce our new service additions to help provide a solution:

  1. Community Engagement Program – Our new month membership program that will provide a theme, menu, marketing materials and event resources. The program will be ideal for properties hosting events in-house due to budget or staff restraints. The program will launch within 3 weeks.
  2. Chef/Bartender Hiring – Several communities have mentioned the need to have a trained professional to grill for pool parties or serve alcohol. Our a la cart hiring services are affordable for communities to allow staff to enjoy the event with the residents.
  3. Free Monthly Training Video – Starting in May, we will release a FREE tip video on our website. It will either provide insight on resident event trends or tips to improve community engagement.

We are truly excited to see what’s ahead for the future. Setup an appointment with us to discuss our new changes by emailing us at info@luxegivingllc.com.

Want to receive up-to-date information on our new membership program? Click hereto receive updates.

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