Supla 53 Pack Patriotic Party Decorations


Quantity: Patriotic Party Decorations Supplies includes: 4 sets Patriotic Head Boppers Headbands (consisting of 4 plain red headbands, 8 metal springs, 2 bundles of ribbon, 3 mini feather boas and 7 glitter patriotic cutouts, simple assembly required), 6 pcs Fake Mustaches, 6 pcs Patriotic Rubber Wristbands Bracelets in 3 designs, 6 pcs Patriotic Shutter Shades Glasses, 6 sheets Patriotic Temporary Tattoos Stickers (16 pcs per sheet), 12 pcs Metallic Beaded Necklaces.

This set of Patriotic Party Decorations Supplies is perfect for showing your American pride and patriotic spirit. You can use them on 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day party, Flag Day, Military Homecoming, a political rally, firework party, parades, picnics, or hang them out as patriotic party favors, use them as photo props, place them on tables as party decorations, accessorize with your all-American outfit and so on.

Material: The plain headbands are made of plastic and covered with red fabric, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The glitter patriotic cutouts are made of cardstock, printed on one side and connected to the headbands by metal springs. The Fake Mustaches are made of artificial fiber. The Patriotic Wristbands Bracelets are made of rubber. The Patriotic Shutter Shades are made of plastic. The Bead Necklaces are made of plastic and covered with a metallic coating.

Color: The Patriotic Head Boppers feature assorted shapes of American flag, heart, rocket and I Love USA headline attached on red headbands and accented with red, white & blue ribbon and mini feather boa. The Patriotic Rubber Wristbands Bracelets, Patriotic Shutter Shades and Patriotic Temporary Tattoos are in red, white, and blue designs similar to the American flag. The Fake Mustaches are in red, white and blue. The Patriotic Metallic Beaded Necklaces are in red, blue and silver.

Dimensions: Patriotic Head Boppers Headbands are appr. 8.7″ tall and 4.7″ wide when they are assembled, fitting almost everyone. The glitter patriotic cutouts are appr. 1.8″-3.7″ x 2.2″-5.9″ (LXW). Each patriotic ribbon bundle consists of 6 ribbons that are appr. 23.6″ long, and the bundles are appr. 11.8″ long when you tie and stick them from the middle. Mini feather boas are appr. 1.6″ wide and 8″ long. Fake Mustaches are appr. 3.1″-4″ x 0.6″-1″ (LXW).


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