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3 Ways We Are Looking To Improve Our Services

The tide is changing! The multi-family residential industry is constantly changing and evolving. In 2012, LuxeGiving was created out of a need for fun fundraising events within the DC market. Our business model has changed into cultivating partnerships with local brands and entertainment for several metropolitan cities. During that time, we had to learn how… Continue reading 3 Ways We Are Looking To Improve Our Services

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Tips For Hosting A Stellar Super Bowl Party

Ready... Set... Go!!! Super Bowl is less than two weeks away! It's hard to believe. Super Bowl kicks off the next round for resident event planning. We snowball into Valentines Day to Mardi Gras to St Patty to etc... A strong start through Super Bowl creates momentum into your upcoming events. Over the last seven… Continue reading Tips For Hosting A Stellar Super Bowl Party

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2019… A New Beginning

We want to send a huge thank you to our clients and supporters. 2018 was a season for growth and lessons. It's exciting to think what's ahead. We hosted over 463 events in the DC and Baltimore metropolitan area. It's been everything from pop up restaurants, cooking classes to shopping events. We loved experimenting with… Continue reading 2019… A New Beginning

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Four Ways to Spice Up Your Wine Down Wednesday

Are you finding that your normal wine happy hour has fizzled off? Are people just grabbing a glass and heading up to their room? Once it's predictable, the attendance will being dropping on wine happy hours. Subtle changes to your wine event can revive the interest. Implement one of the four tips to surely make… Continue reading Four Ways to Spice Up Your Wine Down Wednesday

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Cheat Sheet For Our Fall Cooking Demonstrations

Fifty eight percent of full time employed adults cook 3 to 6 times a week. Most want to cook underneath a Hour. Thirty two percent of millennials cook find inspiration from cooking through blogs and cooking shows. Your community can provide a solution for the demand to learn more recipes. LuxeGiving offers fast and tasty… Continue reading Cheat Sheet For Our Fall Cooking Demonstrations

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Five Most Common Mistakes With Planning A Holiday Party

It's the time of year people either dread or look forward to celebrating. Holiday party season has officially kicked off. Over the last five years, we have seen some less than desirable holiday parties. Don't fall victim to these common mistakes. 1. Planning Last Minute Planning your holiday party last minute can be extremely tragic.… Continue reading Five Most Common Mistakes With Planning A Holiday Party

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How To Decorate Your Clubroom On A Budget?

No one wants to spend hundred of dollars for holiday decorations! Especially for them to stay in office storage for 90% of the year. Don’t fret! We have some affordable tips for you to make it through the holidays on a budget. Communities often find themselves torn on decorations and the actual event. Your hands… Continue reading How To Decorate Your Clubroom On A Budget?

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Let’s Mix Things Up!

This fall, we are focusing on variety! Most adults love free food and drinks, but bringing new and exciting events to your community will attract diverse crowds with different interests. This fall, LuxeGiving would love to help you brainstorm ways to reach more of your community. Adding some family friendly events will encourage your community to… Continue reading Let’s Mix Things Up!

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Top Five Resident Event Ideas

Are you in a creative rut? Do you find your resident participation is going down? Well, we have the perfect solution for your community. Communities often ask us, “What’s popular?” or “What’s getting a great response?” We wanted to create a post to help list our top 5 resident events. Drum roll please……. 5. Salsa… Continue reading Top Five Resident Event Ideas

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Swatches and Scotches

Father's Day events can be tricky to plan and make fun!  On a mission to create a fun, unique and different event, we found the perfect opportunity.  LuxeGiving decided to partner with Daniel Scott Kain, Personal Stylist and Style Associate for J Hilburn clothier.   He has a love for design and fashion. We will showcase… Continue reading Swatches and Scotches