The holidays are a special time when family, friends, and loved ones get together to celebrate. What better way to spread holiday cheer than hosting a party at your apartment complex? Keep reading for our top four-holiday party ideas to get your residents in the festive spirit!

This time of the year can be a busy season within leasing offices. You may find yourself balancing staff on vacation days to high tenants’ demands. Plus, you are going to be responsible for organizing a holiday party.

We find that the two most common events in communities now are holiday parties and pool parties. That said, I look to give you inspiration on how to post your holiday party this year.

The execution of these events will depend on your location, tenant demographics, and budget. Those three things will help you plan this year‘s party.

These tips will be helpful for you. Plus, check out our Pinterest board and Amazon store for other inspiration.

Here are four popular party themes to get everyone in the festive spirit.

  1. Ugly Sweater Party

Who doesn’t love an ugly sweater party? Over the years, we’ve supported property managers with being able to host ugly sweater parties. You’ll be surprised how people will get involved with this theme.

An ugly sweater party is a great way to get your residents into the holiday spirit! Encourage your residents to wear their tackiest, most offensive holiday sweaters and have a contest for the ugliest one. Serve holiday cookies and eggnog, and play festive music to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

We’ve seen the best participation when there are contests and prizes involved. You will have some people that will just buy a sweater. At the same time, you all have others that will pull out the hot glue guns and stencils to decorate their sweaters.

There is no right or wrong for participation. Do you want to use this party theme to encourage participation? Having the on-site back participate in the team is a great idea.

As far as decorations go, you can’t go all out with typical Christmas decorations. Or you can use garland to decorate the polls and fixtures in the space. Think about 70s Christmas party decorations

Hot cocoa and apple cider stations are the perfect matches for the same. You can have whiskey or brandy on the side to spruce up these drinks for the adults.

  1. White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange is a popular holiday tradition where participants bring wrapped gifts of varying value and exchange them with other partygoers. To make things more interesting, set a dollar limit for each gift and encourage your residents to get creative with their gifts. This will surely be a hit with your residents and get everyone laughing and enjoying the holiday spirit.

Gift exchanges are perfect for close-knit apartment communities. We recommend this idea for smaller communities or properties with high engagement. This may be a little risky, or it could be enjoyable.

The gift exchange would be part of the entertainment for the event. I recommend pairing this event with a DJ, bar, and a potluck or catering.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough to only host the gift exchange. You will want to add some extra entertainment.

If you decide to do a potluck, I recommend that the community provide some of the event score items. That way, you know you will not be placed in a situation where there are only chips and dip.

If you are on the fence about this theme, the best part is singing the reactions from the tenant as they open up the gifts. You will have some people who buy prank gifts, while others will purchase thoughtful gifts.

  1. Breakfast With Santa

What could be more special than having breakfast with Santa Claus himself for families with young children? Set up a buffet of breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, fruit, juice, and coffee. Then bring Santa Claus himself to take pictures with the kids and hand out small presents. This will surely be a cherished memory for everyone and get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

As a bonus, you can have Santa come during the event for people to take photos. Or you can have carolers come to sing.  When doing these events, it is crucial to understand your residence as much as possible. You may find that some people will get offended by this type of concept.

  1. Winter Wonderland

For a Winter Wonderland-themed party, transform your clubhouse or common area into a frigid paradise! Hang snowflakes from the ceiling, string up icicle lights, and put up a fake Christmas tree. You can even rent a snow machine to create a truly magical experience for your residents. Serve hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies to bring the winter wonderland theme to life.

Planning a holiday party is no small feat, but it can be so much fun! Our four themes have inspired you, and you will download our holiday party guide for more information on planning your event. We’ve covered everything from setting the date to sending invitations to what food to serve. And don’t forget the most important part – having a great time with your friends and neighbors!

Hosting a holiday party at your apartment complex is a great way to spread cheer this season. Choose from one of our top four party themes—the Ugly Sweater Party, Winter Wonderland, White Elephant Gift Exchange, or Breakfast with Santa—to ensure your residents have a memorable experience. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy this festive time of year!


Download our holiday party guide by clicking here.  We want to help you this holiday season.  You can schedule a FREE consultation with us by clicking here.