Looking for a fun, unique way to celebrate Halloween this year? Why not try hosting a murder mystery party? Whether you’re looking for an event for your residents or just want something fun to do with your friends, murder mystery parties are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about throwing a killer party. Keep reading to find out more!

It can sometimes be overwhelming to devise creative ways to celebrate the same holiday year after year. The Luxegiving team is often challenged with unique ideas to keep things interesting in your community. A few weeks back, I posted a poll to find feedback on a murder mystery for Halloween. 

I was blown away by the responses and excitement about this concept. Of course, I had to write a blog to help you with hosting your very own murder mystery this Halloween. It doesn’t have to be complex or overwhelming to execute by the on-site team. 

The term “murder mystery” may be a new term for you. The trend has been growing and gaining popularity. According to Wikipedia, “Murder mystery games are a genre of party games where one of the players is secretly playing a murderer, while the other players must determine who among them is the criminal.”

It reminds me of the game Clue mixed with acting and real life. 

Take on the challenge of trying this out with your community. It can be an excellent experience for all ages and demographics. You’ll be surprised that this can be a fun icebreaker to get people involved.

I want to share five tips on hosting your own murder mystery.

  1. Choose a murder mystery game to play

The key to planning a murder mystery night is choosing the right game. You want to choose something that will keep people entertained and interested. The great thing about purchasing your game is the ability to use it in the future. Or you can share it with another property in your region. 

We found some fun kits on Amazon for under $30!  It’s not an expensive investment. Unsolved Case Files and Murder at the Crimson Asylum are extremely popular. You can view our Murder Mystery and Halloween Pinterest board for other recommendations.

Most murder mysteries are for 14 and above. If your community has more families, you want to be present to choose the best game for your community. 

  1. Gather your tenants and staff for an evening of spooky fun

Pick the right day! Pick the right day! Pick the right day! Selecting the correct time and day plays a significant part in participation. This is not a 5 pm start time kind of event. 

Due to doing this around Halloween, you will want to choose a time that will allow your tenants to get into costume and get ready for a fun night. The wrong date can cause little participation. If your community is excited about this idea, you want to show it through participation from the on-site team.

  1. Set the scene with decorations and props

This is where you get to show your creative side. Choose decorations that are going to create a mood for your murder mystery. It doesn’t have to be extremely expensive to decorate your space. 

You can check out our Pinterest and Amazon stores for inspiration. Plus, we found this excellent balloon decoration kit at Shein

Our favorite decorations play along with the theme. If you are doing a Halloween-themed murder mystery, grab some spider webs, balloons, skulls, insects, bats, and a fake corpse. You can find some of these things reasonably at Dollar Tree. Presentation adds to the anticipation. 

  1. Serve up some Halloween-themed snacks and drinks

You can do a treat or food station for your murder mystery night. I do recommend foods that play off the theme. Another option is decorating your food table with a theme.

We have two great batches of cocktails that are Halloween-inspired. They are the Halloween Sparkle Punch and Witches Brew Cocktail. You can find the recipes on the links. 

Don’t have the budget for food? Try a potluck option. You may be surprised by the signup and participation. 

We recommend a chili station to get the best bang for your buck if you have the budget. Our blog post on food stations explains the benefits of using food stations in resident events. 

  1. Let the games begin!

Now that you have the game, theme, and decor figured out. The next step is to host the event. Choose someone on staff or an enthusiastic tenant to lead the murder mystery. 

We encourage you to try out this idea for your community.  You can sit back and enjoy watching your guests try to solve the mystery.  It can be a great icebreaker and community-building event.  The tips provided can help you have a spooktacular Halloween party.

Whether you’re a fan of classic murder mystery games or want to try something new this year, we have the perfect solution. Be sure to check out our selection of murder mystery party games and choose the one that fits your group’s personality best. Then, mark the date on your calendar and prepare for spine-tingling fun. And don’t forget to decorate your clubroom with all the Halloween decorations you can find! We can’t wait to hear about how your party turns out. What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Please comment below and let us know.

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