Do you try to decorate your leasing office for your favorite holiday season? Are you really into the fall and autumn aesthetic? Yet, are you stuck on how to add a little extra office flair for this specific season? I will share with you some great tips for decorating your leasing office on a budget for fall 2020.

Right now, budget costs are at the forefront of the minds of leasing office managers. COVID-19 has affected our industry in various ways. I’m committed to sharing information on how to build a stronger sense of community while having fun at the same time.

You will be a decorating rockstar with the following three recommendations. The best part is all of the recommendations are reusable and cost-effective. If your office does not have a seasonal decoration box, it will help with saving money on cheap decorations and waste. Nothing beats the convenience of the ability to pull out what you need and add on there over the years. You don’t have to spend a ton of money at one time but add onto it as the time continues.

Decorations play a major part in adding to a theme, environment, and presentation. I’ve noticed that presentation can be a challenge for some properties when it comes to residential events. There’s a way to layout foods, beverages, and treats for maximum impact. 

Artificial Fall Leaves

One of my favorite fall accents are leaves. Honestly, I do use leaves throughout the year for happy hours and other events that need a warm, cozy feeling. The beautiful thing about leaves is that they can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. You don’t have to go for the traditional leaf color to still get a great impact. I love gold and sparkly leaves for Universal flair. 

Some retailers have leaves that you can use as table runners to wall decorations.

leaves hang on rope
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If you’re really crafty, you can even make a wreath or a garland.

Artificial Pumpkins 

The big debate around using real or fake pumpkins for decorations! It really all comes down to your storage capability and budget. There are some really authentic-looking artificial pumpkins out there. Some of them can be carved out or are sold hollow for decorative candles. I love using small, artificial pumpkins as accents for tablescapes and space decorations. 

A simple tablescape can be tea lights, small pumpkins, and a few fall leaves positioned beautifully in the center of the table or console.

fall 2020 decoration inspiration
Fall Decorating Ideas

“Hello Fall” Sign

Lastly, I love using unique signs that say “Hello Fall” or something along those lines. There are a ton of options ranging from reusable one to disposable. Another option is a chalkboard that can be interchanged with themes or sayings.

When deciding on decorations, it is important to understand the cost and purpose of the decorations. Don’t fall victim to purchasing cheap decorations that have no rhyme or reason. You can find some wonderful options that can be paired together and not hurt your pocket.

I highly recommend checking out some of the links in this article. Choose one or two of the items and combine them with some of your existing decorations. These three suggestions will really take your decorations to the next level.

If you ever need additional feedback on decorating your space for an optimal impact, schedule a consultation with us. I look forward to hearing about your fall 2020 decorating adventures and results. Check out our blog on event ideas to try in September.

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