It’s the time of year people either dread or look forward to celebrating. Holiday party season has officially kicked off. Over the last five years, we have seen some less than desirable holiday parties. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes.

1. Planning Last Minute

Planning your holiday party last minute can be extremely tragic. Vendors are likely hard to find. Your residents will be already scheduled to go to other holiday parties. Or your residents will already be out of town. Please avoid this major mistake

2. Choosing A Friday

Most company holiday parties are hosted on a Friday. Outside of the holiday season, we find communities have a lower turnout on Fridays. It’s best to keep your party on the peak days and times. Every community demographic differs. We encourage you to keep in mind people tend to travel more and celebrate on Friday nights.

3. Close To The Actual Holiday

The closer to the holidays will result in entertaining either more visitors than residents or less residents in general. Other resident events can be hosted towards the holiday. Your actual holiday party is best hosted before the second week in December.

4. No Engagement Contests

What are engagement contest? The ugly sweater, fun Santa hat or raffles are a great way to increase participation. Ugly sweater contests are extremely entertaining. We’ve seen communities supply items to create ugly sweaters. Not sure about your community participating in a contest? Try an informal resident survey.

5. The Same Old Same Old

Predictability is a downfall. LuxeGiving prides itself on our event variety for this very reason. Food stations, international cuisine and non traditional holiday menus will surely surprise your residents. The holiday party season can be intense with the same food. Why not separate your property from the norm? Try a pasta station! Try a mashed potato bar! Try a bacon bar! Even switch out the iPod playlist for live music.

We hope these tips prove to be a hit with your holiday party. If you use any of these suggestions, we would love to get tagged on a photo or email us. We are love sharing tips to help with making a lasting impression.

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