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DMV Featured Artist

Live Music and Art

For the next two weeks, we are featuring 4 premiere artist in the DC area. It’s all about love and romance. Several communities opened up their clubrooms to host a pop up art exhibit featuring on of these talented artist.

DSD Paintings

DSD specializes in custom abstract art. The Artist, Derwin Scott, strives to provide a unique experience with all DSD clients. What’s different about DSD is that clients are given creative control by taking part in the creative process. From the beginning, the client is able to assist with picking the desired color, size, layout, and medium of the painting.

Mary Kate Doherty

An upcoming Baltimore artist that loves textures and fluid colors.

Greg Slade

Specializes in fine art, illustration, logo production and tattoo design.

Antonia Wilkerson

A contemporary art brand that inspires creative freedom by merging the lines between art, decor and fashion.

Want to find out more about the artists or schedule your own pop up art exhibit? Send us an email at for details. We would to continue the art exhibitions for spring.

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