Are you finding that your normal wine happy hour has fizzled off? Are people just grabbing a glass and heading up to their room? Once it’s predictable, the attendance will being dropping on wine happy hours. Subtle changes to your wine event can revive the interest. Implement one of the four tips to surely make a change in your participation.

Worldly Wines

Wine tasting around the world provides a specialty focus. Our world wine pours from regions like South Africa, Portugal, Uganda, and  Greece. Also, local wine from Maryland and Virginia will always be a hit. Specialty tastings are a good way to show depth in telling a story about wine. In addition, regional education concentrates on a specific niche.

Blind Tasting and Wine Pairings

Blind tasting are super fun. Cover all the wines with paper bags and number them. People can guess the grape or region. A wine expert can educate the residents on the different wines. The community can provide a simple fun gift for the winner. People often aren’t familiar with the regions and find the added touch a winner. Wine pairings with cooking demonstrations educate the residents on how to match their favorite wines.

Live Music

Live music makes for an affordable addition to your existing happy hour. Music and wine sounds like a relaxing evening. Amenity spaces can often underused. The boom in luxury rental buildings creates a demand for differentiation. Live music is a common interest between baby boomers and millennials. Depending on your space, you can do a solo, trio or duo with a neutral style.

Pop Up Shop

Are you looking for an unique way to support local retailers? Host a wine event with a shopping experience. November and December are the perfect months to host a pop up shop. Residents will come for wine and “window shop”. For additional support, have the pop up to benefit a cause or charity. We have several properties have success with clothing drives incorporated in a pop up experience.

Any of these tips spark your interest?

We would love to help with executing your next Wine Down Wednesday night. Contact us for additional tips for your next resident event.

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